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Article: 2023 Spring-Summer Season: Emerging Piercing Trends


2023 Spring-Summer Season: Emerging Piercing Trends

2023 Spring-Summer Season: Emerging Piercing Trends

Piercings have been used as popular body jewelry for centuries. However, nowadays piercing trends change quickly and every season brings new trends. For those wondering which piercing trends will be on the rise in the spring-summer 2023 season, here are the most popular piercing trends.

  1. Double piercings: Two holes are better than one. This season, double piercings in the upper auricle, tragus or helix region will be very popular. These piercings can be minimalist or bold and will make your ears even more interesting.

  2. Single piercings: Less is more. For those who prefer minimalist looks, single piercings are ideal. In the 2023 season, single piercings will be particularly popular for the nose and eyebrow regions. Single piercings are very elegant and eye-catching even on their own.

  3. Facial Piercings: Like every season, facial piercings will remain popular this season. Classic facial piercings such as lip, tongue, nose and eyebrow piercings will be accepted by a wider population.

  4. Colorful jewelry: Colorful jewelry will also be popular in the spring-summer 2023 season. In particular, piercings decorated with colorful stones such as opal, emerald and sapphire will attract a lot of attention.

  5. Chain Piercings: Chain piercings are another rising trend. Chain piercings placed in the upper ear or eyebrows add presence and attention to the look.

This season there are many options from minimalist designs to eye-catching models. To choose the piercings that best suit your personal style, you can consult a professional piercing artist.

Piercings are beautiful body jewelry that reflect your personality and help you express yourself. However, it is very important to visit a hygienic piercing studio and seek advice from a professional piercing artist to minimize the risk of infection.

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