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Article: Conch Piercing: An Interesting Style with Inner and Outer Conch Piercings – What You Need to Know

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Conch Piercing: An Interesting Style with Inner and Outer Conch Piercings – What You Need to Know

The conch piercing is a type of piercing that is placed on the cartilage part of the inner ear and has been gaining popularity recently. There are two different types of conch piercings: the inner and the outer conch piercing. Both variants offer an eye-catching and original style. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about conch piercings and how they will impress your look.

Inner and Outer Conch Piercings: Since conch piercings are placed in the cartilage area of ​​the inner ear, there are two different types: inner and outer conch piercings. The inner conch piercing is placed in the cartilage area of ​​the inner ear, while the outer conch piercing is placed in the cartilage area of ​​the outer ear. Both types offer a unique and elegant appearance.

The Conch Piercing Process: A conch piercing should be performed by an experienced professional. With a sterile environment and appropriate materials, the piercing process becomes safer and more hygienic. The healing process varies from person to person and usually takes a few months.

Jewelry Options: There are various jewelry options for conch piercings. With various designs such as labret studs, barbells, rings and bows, you can choose jewelry that suits your personal style and taste. By using high quality materials such as 925 silver, gold and titanium, you can improve the durability and beauty of your conch piercing.

Care and Healing: Care and healing of conch piercings is important. Regular cleaning and appropriate care of the newly pierced piercing reduces the risk of infections. During the healing process, be careful not to put pressure on the piercing and be careful when sleeping.

Styling Tips: Conch piercings can be worn alone or in combination with other types of piercings for an eye-catching look. Especially for people with multiple cartilage piercings, conch piercings help create a unique and original style.

In conclusion, with conch piercings it is possible to create your own original style and achieve an eye-catching look. With proper care, jewelry selection and piercing combinations, you can always achieve an impressive and eye-catching look with your conch piercings.

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925 silber percing

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